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      A very warm welcome to Pittmain Addictions 

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A leading UK expert in addiction counselling guiding you towards a successful recovery.

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alcohol addiction couselling


Regardless of the addiction you may experience a variety of physical and emotional symptoms and the impact of these on your life ! if these resonate this maybe for you. mental health issues? dishonest behaviour ?depression? chaotic relationships?loss of interest ?money issues? isolation ?and addiction affecting multiple aspects of your life including withdrawal from responsibility and socialising ?Its not just alcohol ,drug and other addictions that requires addiction counselling.We also therapeutically support family,friends and colleagues struggling with addictions.


 Those who are affected by other addictions such as gambling, sex, shopping, pornography or eating disorders all require addiction therapy in order to conquer their illnesses.


Addiction counselling with Pittmain Addiction is about treating the mind, body and spirit, and helping the patient to understand their illness and how it has affected not only themselves but also the people they love.Many people keep there addiction a secret but this becomes harder to do and people start to notice this.


 Some people know they have a problem while others do not however it is serving a purpose for them and this is not an easy problem to overcome yourself, if you are seeking help to overcome this we can certainly help you. The consequences of addiction are seriously painful and at Pittmain Addictions we help you to explore, understand the underlying causes and  create new sustainable ways to live a life free of addiction.

I offer a safe supported environment offering 20 + years

experience and addiction counselling accreditation for the many issues that relate with your addiction concerns.Addiction counselling can be done online, in clinic at either one of 4 lovely comfortable serene rooms those being Solihull, Kings Norton Kings Heath or Longbridge or if its more suitable a mobile service is available to your location depending on your needs.




We can tailor sessions to suit your needs, a 15 minute initial chat is imperative before any commitment is made to listen and answer your concerns and to assess and see if its a good match, please see full PC site for in depth information.


If agreed by both parties to work together we will create a person centred treatment plan together which will include rational emotive based therapy and motivational interviewing which is specifically accurate treatment for addiction counselling including other eclectic therapy methods, you will also have access to an inclusive  support service available in between sessions and a one hour complimentary taster session.  A 100 % Guaranteed money back offer is promised if you feel the service has been ineffective. 

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