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Drugs/Cocaine/Cannabis/Heroin/Crystal Meth/Ketamin/GHB/

Eating disorders/Prescription Meds/Sex and love addiction/

Screen/Tech addiction.                                                 

If you or someone you know is using drugs or abusing substances,eating or shopping and all the above and needs addiction counselling then take the following signs as a clear indication you/they would greatly benefit from therapy.

Health Issues

Preoccupation With Using Drugs/Substances/shopping/eating/Tech/Sex/

Promises And Failure To Quit

Change In Personality

Denial And Excuses

Work Issues

Loss of Interest

Relationship/Money Problems

Poor Health Appetite/Anxiety/Depression/Exhaustion

Are you finding life unmanageable  ? relationship and family problems ? financial problems ? anxiety issues ? depression ? drug use out of hand ? then drug addiction counselling will be a good starting point to turning your life around.

drug addiction couselling
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