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Drugs/Cocaine/Cannabis/Heroin/Crystal Meth/Ketamin/GHB/
Eating disorders/Prescription Meds/Sex and love addiction/
Screen/Tech addiction.                                              

drug addiction couselling

If you or someone you know is using drugs or abusing substances,eating or shopping and all the above and needs addiction counselling then take the following signs as a clear indication you/they would greatly benefit from therapy.
Health Issues
Preoccupation With Using Drugs/Substances/shopping/eating/Tech/Sex/
Promises And Failure To Quit

Change In Personality
Denial And Excuses
Work Issues
Loss of Interest
Relationship/Money Problems
Poor Health Appetite/Anxiety/Depression/Exhaustion

Are you finding life unmanageable  ? relationship and family problems ? financial problems ? anxiety issues ? depression ? drug use out of hand ? then drug addiction counselling will be a good starting point to turning your life around.

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